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What is the first thing a driver should do after an Oregon crash?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2023 | Car Accidents

During a traumatic and unexpected event, like a car wreck, people often have a hard time thinking calmly and rationally. They may panic or let their emotions dictate their behavior, which can easily lead to an unfavorable outcome.

It is easier for people to protect and advocate for themselves if they already have a plan in mind when an incident like a motor vehicle collision takes place. The necessary steps after a car crash may differ in certain scenarios, but there is usually one step that people should take right after the crash occurs whenever possible.

People need to preserve crucial evidence

Drivers in Oregon generally need to be aware of how a crash could affect others. Vehicles blocking major thoroughfares can cause massive disruptions to other people. Additionally, a vehicle sitting on the road is that risk of a secondary collision caused by oncoming traffic. Therefore, most people recommend moving disabled vehicles as soon as possible after a crash occurs. While that is a smart decision, taking a minute or so to gather evidence first is typically the best option. Mobile phones are crucial tools for personal protection after a crash. People can quickly gather high-resolution images and video footage of the scene of the crash.

Wide-angle images that show the placement of the vehicles and debris can be crucial to a crush investigation or reconstruction attempt. The placement of the vehicles can give clues as to the position of those vehicles during the crash and therefore the maneuvers drivers conducted and the speeds they traveled at prior to the collision. Taking the time to gather that evidence won’t drastically impact others by keeping the road blocked for an inordinate amount of time.

Mobile devices can also help people gather information about the other driver. People can even record video of themselves describing what happened prior to the crash so that their memory doesn’t fade. People can then use their devices to contact emergency support services, insurance companies and possibly also a lawyer.

Ultimately, having a plan for how to respond to an Oregon car crash may help people minimize the challenges involved in filing an insurance claim or lawsuit after a wreck.