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What if someone can no longer work after a car crash?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2023 | Car Accidents

A small percentage of serious car crashes in Oregon lead to economic hardship. People miss at least one shift at work while seeking medical attention and filing a police report. They may also worry about paying to repair or replace their vehicles and cover medical expenses.

Occasionally, car crashes cause very serious injuries that put someone in the hospital or force them to change their profession. Being unable to work can lead to major financial hardship for an individual involved in the crash and their family members.

How can people address lost income after an Oregon motor vehicle collision?

Insurance can help

Both the law and common sense dictate that people should carry liability insurance when they drive. Car crashes can cause astronomically expensive injuries and property damage losses that the average person could not possibly cover with their current income or savings.

Liability insurance is necessary under state law. Every driver should have at least $25,000 in bodily injury liability coverage if they cause a crash that hurts one other person. The minimum coverage amount increases to $50,000 in incidents where two or more people suffer injuries. The longer someone is away from work and the more money they earn, the greater the chance that the coverage available may not be sufficient.

It may be necessary to go to civil court

Personal injury statutes in Oregon allow those hurt in car crashes caused by others to take legal action. A personal injury lawsuit against a negligent driver could lead to compensation for medical expenses and lost wages. While insurance claims are subject to strict policy limits that are often unrealistically low, lawsuits can help people fully recoup the expenses generated in a collision.

Sometimes, those hurt in a car crash can take legal action against a specific driver. Other times, the best option available to them involves taking action against a business. Someone causing a crash while on the clock or while driving a vehicle with defective components may open the door to a liability lawsuit against a business rather than an individual.

Determining the cause of a crash – as well as its true financial impact, including the value of lost wages and benefits – and who should be held liable accordingly, can help people decide what type of compensation claim to pursue after an Oregon car wreck.