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Helping Victims Of Brain Injuries

Hill Law Office represents victims of all types of brain injuries: traumatic brain injury (TBI), concussions, closed head injuries, open head injuries and other head injuries. Help is available whether you were injured in an automobile accident or another accident caused by negligence.  Steve has helped people who have suffered these injuries throughout Umatilla County and greater Oregon.

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Causes Of Brain Injuries

Attorney Steve Hill represents individuals who have suffered serious head and brain injuries caused by:

  • Car accidents, semitruck accidents and motorcycle accidents
  • Falls from ladders, scaffolding, dangerous stairways and unsecure surfaces
  • Falling objects in stores and warehouses
  • Sports injuries

After a brain injury, you can hold wrongdoers accountable. You may be struggling with unpaid medical expenses, both current and long-term. You may not be able to work or drive your vehicle. You may need in-home care for basic daily needs. You need an attorney who has experience and can help you.

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Steve can answer your questions about accidents resulting in serious brain injury. Please contact the office at 541-215-4092 or toll free at 877-369-9033 to schedule an appointment. There is never a cost to sit down for an initial consultation.

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