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Arbitration-eligible Cases

Steve is available to serve as arbitrator in Oregon personal injury cases that are subject to mandatory arbitration (amount in controversy is $50,000 or less). He is on the panel of approved arbitrators for the Sixth Judicial Bar District that includes Umatilla and Morrow Counties. He charges $250 per hour for arbitration services. He is willing to serve as arbitrator of arbitration-eligible cases anywhere in Oregon.


Steve is available to serve as the mediator of Oregon personal injury cases. He has handled personal injury litigation in Eastern Oregon for the last 26 years. His first six years of practice were devoted to insurance defense work. He has represented plaintiffs exclusively since 2000. He understands how Eastern Oregon juries evaluate injury claims. If you need to mediate a personal injury case in Eastern Oregon, please consider scheduling a mediation at Steve’s office in Pendleton. Steve charges $250 per hour for this service.


Steve has associated with several attorneys in Oregon and Washington who have needed assistance with Oregon injury claims. Some referring attorneys seek assistance with case evaluations and the logistics of trying cases in Eastern Oregon counties. Others prefer not to try a case that for one reason or another has failed to settle. Whether you want to build a legal team or transfer the case entirely, feel free to call Steve and see if he can help.

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