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3 warning signs that a car crash may have caused a brain injury

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2023 | Car Accidents

One of the first responses people typically have to major car crashes is to check themselves and the other occupants of their vehicles for signs of injury. Certain medical concerns associated with car crashes will be obvious, making them easy for people to identify and communicate when reaching out to local authorities about the crash.

Other types of injuries can be harder to identify initially, especially if someone doesn’t see a licensed medical professional for evaluation. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are among the most debilitating possible injuries someone could experience in a crash, and they are also among the most difficult for people to identify on their own. The following are warning signs that an individual requires evaluation for a possible TBI after a crash.

They have a headache or feel nauseous

Some of the earliest symptoms people develop after incurring a TBI include a persistent and worsening headache or a sense of nausea. Other people report blurry vision and ringing in their ears. As the bleeding or bruising on the brain increases, the symptoms someone experiences will likewise worsen and potentially shift into completely different symptoms.

They lost consciousness

The worst brain injuries might lead to someone falling unconscious for hours or even days. However, losing consciousness or fainting for even a few seconds after a collision is a warning sign that someone may have injured their brain during the crash. Anyone who passes out or faints during a crash or right after one would likely benefit from a thorough medical evaluation.

Their car suffers severe damage

People all too often fixate on specific symptoms even though brain injuries present drastically differently in each individual. They might also fall into the trap of assuming they needed to experience blunt force trauma for the crash to leave them with a significant brain injury. There are many ways to hurt one’s brain in a car crash, including violent motions like spinning and flipping. The worse the damage to the vehicles involved in the wreck is, the more likely the motion of the crash was filing and shook someone up badly enough to hurt their brain.

Individuals who recognize the potential warning signs that they are at risk of a TBI can take the most effective steps to protect themselves after a collision. Only after someone has received necessary medical attention should they turn their focus to safeguarding their legal rights. Health and safety first.